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Chronicle (Review)

Chronicle is fun, exciting and a perfect example of a film that can be enhanced by the big screen and sound of a cinema. It tells the story of three high school students who become close friends after gaining supernatural powers from a discovery they find on a night out. However they soon find their opinions on how to use their new found powers differ and their friendship is brought into question when the powers bring out their darker sides. 

The movie is filmed throughout from the perspective a personal camera. This really adds to the atmosphere of the film because it allows you to see it from their perspective and they’re some really cool and unique techniques that come from this. For example, the three main cast members levitate the camera with their powers which allows the audience to see views and angles that they wouldn’t normally experience. 

Although the film succeeds in showing regular guys that possess superpowers with some really amazing and effective visuals it also portrays some worthy messages about loneliness, friendship and general principles about how to treat someone. It will mainly entertain you but there is a element of seriousness in there that makes it even better that expected. Personally, looking at 2012’s early releases I wasn’t particularly excited by ‘Chronicle’ but I’m really really glad I managed to see it.

Rating: 7/10